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Our Mission

As in the Tang and Song Dynasties of ancient China, an appreciation of the subtle elegance of fine tea is experiencing a renaissance. Our objective is to promote the communion of body, mind and spirit, by expanding the knowledge of the way of tea and the appreciation of its consumption. We look forward to serving you and offering you and your customers an exceptional tea experience.

Our Products

We do our best to acquire the finest quality products available from around the globe. In the market, one can see many different quality levels of apparently the same item. This can be confusing and we realize the trust placed in us by our customers who rely on us to know the difference and supply them with authentic and unique products of high quality. In addition to our fine, single origin teas, our blends, herbals and fruit tisanes are carefully crafted in micro-blend batches to ensure freshness and optimum flavor. We use the finest teas, ingredients and premium flavorings.

Our Policies

Loose teas are packed in multi-pound, airtight, heat sealed bags. Chest quantities vary according to the volume stated in the price list. When ordering in less than chest quantity,minimum orders are just 2 pounds of any single tea (unless otherwise noted *). Teas are also available in "The Tea House" brand retail packages for no additional charge. Retail package volumes range from 1 to 4 oz. depending on the tea. Please order Yixing teapots in minimum of 6 pieces. Assortments of design and price are permitted. There is no minimum dollar amount so you may order appropriately for your business.