White Teas

White teas are produced with minimal processing. The leaves are often only allowed to wither and be air dried before a little heat is applied to remove remaining moisture. In some varieties the leaves are steamed, sealing in the numerous health benefiting elements. When brewed correctly, the amount of caffeine is often a bit higher than green teas but lower than most other teas. This type of tea often only consists of unopened leaf buds and it is thought that it takes its name from the minute white down that covers the tender shoots. White teas usually yield a very special "nutty" flavor and buttery smooth texture, especially if there are a lot of buds. The color of the liquor ranges between a very light yellow to a brownish amber. The aroma is also very light, reminiscent of an early Spring breeze. Some of White teas are quite rare and are available in limited quantities. Others are more commonplace. Recently, White teas have been compressed into "cakes". Some White teas are aged and are thought of as medicine as the reach 5+ years.

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