Educational Programs

Lectures can be tailored to meet client requirements. The basic programs are as follows.
  1. Program 1. One and a half hour general lecture on tea including; history, folklore, categories, processing, and a tasting of several teas. Q&A following.

  2. Program 2. One and a half hour lecture on and demo of the gongfu tea ceremony including; history, culture and alternative methods. Q&A following.

  3. Program 3. Three hour lecture and instruction in gongfu tea ceremony including; history, culture, equipment, alternative methods and individual Yixing teapot. Q&A following.

  4. Program 4. One and a half hour focused lecture on tea categories, production, introduction to key teas of China and India and comparative tea tasting within categories and grades. Q&A following.

  5. Program 5. Three hour focused lecture and comparative tea tasting on key teas of China, India, Japan, Ceylon, and Taiwan.

  6. Program 6. Six hour program including; tea history, categories, processing, focused segments on China, India, Japan, Ceylon and Taiwan, tea culture in various parts of the world and comparative tea tasting within categories and grades as well as the different regions. Includes individual tea tasting set. Q&A following.

Tea Lectures

Tea Seminars

Training Courses


Individual and Field Study also available

Dan Robertson
Speaker Fee Schedule
January 1, 2018
All tea samples and tea tasting equipment are included.
  • Programs 1 or 2 - $500
  • Program 3 - $600 plus $29.95 for each teapot.
  • Program 4 - $500
  • Program 5 - $600
  • Program 6 - $1,000 plus 29.95 for each tea tasting set.

Combination of 2 or more programs – 25% discount of total.
Rates for non-profit organizations also available.
A minimum of 45 minutes setup and take down time is required. Access to boiling water and washing facilities is necessary.

Travel and lodging – to be billed at cost.