White Teas


White Teas




White teas are produced with minimal processing. The leaves are often only allowed to wilt and be air dried before packaging. In some varieties the leaves are steamed, sealing in the numerous health-benefiting elements. When brewed correctly, white teas release a very low amount of caffeine. This type of tea often only consists of unopened leaf buds and takes its name from the delicate white down that covers the buds. White teas yield a very special flavor and texture, with "nutty" overtones, and brew into a very light yellow liquor. The delicate aroma is reminiscent of an early Spring breeze. These high quality teas are available in limited quantities.

Teas are available in bulk packaging or in "The Tea House" brand retail packages. Price is per lb.  Minimum quantity is 2 lbs. unless otherwise (*) indicated. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Custom blending available.

Name Code 2 Lbs 3+ Lbs Chest


Doke Silver Tips

DST-X01 $56/lb $49/lb $42/lb 11 lbs
Completely hand picked and processed, these slender, silvery buds offer a rich, smooth flavor with satisfying body. The name for this tea comes from the river that winds its way through Bihar, near Darjeeling. 100% of the profits from our purchase of this tea goes to support the tea pickers and their families. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 180 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.


Silver Needle

SNL-X01 $112/lb $109/lb $106/lb 22 lbs
This top grade "Bai Hao Yin Zhen" consists of long, slender, down-covered buds, prized for their health giving properties. Picked only for a few days in early Spring this tea offers a light flavor, with a buttery texture, mild aroma and pale yellow color.  Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 180 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.


Silver Needle - Premier
Very Limited Availability

SNL-X01-B *$185/lb $177/lb
Painstakingly hand plucked for only a few days in early Spring, these plump buds are covered with white down (also known as Pekoe) or "Bai He" in Chinese. The slender, pointed shape completes the descriptive name. A tribute tea since the Song Dynasty, this tea is prized for its medicinal properties and is considered by some to be among the best for health benefiting effects. Combined with the typical buttery smooth texture the infusion is light, sweet and mellow. A subtle but inviting aroma emanates from the pale yellow liquor. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.


Silver Needle - Aged
Very Limited Availability

SNL-X03 $86/lb $84lb $82/lb 22 lbs
According to the Chinese tea saying about Bai Hao Yin Zhen "1 year is fresh, 3 years is medicine, 5 years is treasure." Favored among white tea connoisseurs, when the long, slender, down-covered buds, are aged with care, the flavors evolve into a more rounded and smooth infusion. These buds were plucked in the early spring of 2007 from the Da Bai bush cultivars that grown in the original tea gardens of Fuding, Fujian province. Buttery and mild with notes of raw nuts and dried hay. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 200 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.


Silver Needle -
Pu Er Cake

PUR-X08 $71/lb $69/lb $67/lb 21 lbs
A real treasure, these tender young buds are picked at the peak of their season and compressed into traditional cakes before being allowed to naturally age. Luxurious, smooth flavor with hints of currant tease the palate with barely any mustiness like typical Pu Er teas. Brewing: 1/2 tsp, 212 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.


White Peony

WPO-X02 $51/lb $48/lb $46/lb 22 lbs
Flavorful yet subtle, these naturally dried, brown leaves and down-covered silvery buds yield hints of sweet currants and chestnut. Smooth on the tongue, the light yellow/amber liquor offers the characteristic nutty aroma. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 190 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.